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5 Mins with Rock n Rolla Nick Aslam

Nick Aslam is one of the UK’s most original sounding singer songwriters. Hungry from the council estates and streets of Burton On Trent he continues his quest in the music industry with great support from the BBC & local radio stations across the nation. I interviewed Nick Aslam after his performance at Stereo 92 to find out where his music journey began and if he thinks rock & roll is dead !  When did you begin your journey in music ?  It began in the back water of Norfolk.. 4.5 years ago by learning to play the guitar whilst.. Also at the same time making songs up about how I couldn’t pay my landlady her rent. What started the creation of Night Train ? Errrm I think I was edging on the story  and music for along time then I heard a Jake Bugg track on the radio that was mildly descriptive in its story and naturally thought I could do that a lot better. Who wrote and produced the track ?  I wrote and I Co – produced it with Adam Fletcher .. Someone who I have been recording work for 2 years. If you could have a private concert for yourself , who would you get to perform ?  Hard question as my music taste is wiiiide but I suppose Noel Gallagher supporting Rage Waters (Pink Floyd) with an intermission from TUPAC Do you think streaming is decreasing the value in music ?  No . people and the MP3 were the start & cause of that landslide, streaming just cuts the iligeal downloads down I’d of thought cause everybody can listen for free!! Is there an album coming soon ?  No there isn’t, an album is a big commitment, if I knew 10.000 people would buy a copy then maybe but what I can promise is more eps with great sounding well written songs on them. Any live gigs on the horizon ?  14 May, Dublin Castle (Camden) 15 May  Queens Head (Angel Islington) 1st July Sebright Arms 16 July London City Showcase Also featuring at this years  Tramlines Festival in Sheffield Is Rock N Roll dead ?  No no no , I don’t know where you’ve heard that… Rock and Roll is alive and he’s doing very well iv heard! Name your favourite guitar riff ?

Night Train … And yeh , it’s the one I wrote

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