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Country singer crosses fingers for EP success

Ten years ago Nick Aslam was finishing Holbeach George Farmer School and playing local football.

Now he’s an established muscician hoping to win over an international audience.

The acoustic singer-songwriter has been said to have the romance of Richard Hawley, the charisma of Neil Diamond and the whit of Alex Turner.

This week the lead track, ‘Nicky Boy’, from his EP hit the airwaves of Country Music Radio in Nashville.

“It’s just massive for me,” said Nick (27): “My biggest achievement so far.”

Eight years ago Nick left the county and headed to Derby.

The industry was expensive and it’s only in the last year that he’s found reward for his passion and hard work.

The luck changed when a friend of a friend played his EP to well-known actor and musician Paddy Considine, who invited him to support his 02 Academy gigs.

Since then Nick’s work has been played on BBC radio stations and he’s perfomed to an 8,000- strong crowd at the Rock and Blues Festival.

Nick said: “That one I was nervous about. It’s the biggest gig I’ve done.”

Nick said country music is quite different in America but the success of fellow musician and friend Jake Bugg is giving him confidence ahead of the debut on County Music Radio.

“I’m really nervous as to how it will be recieved,” he said: “But Jake’s been successful there so fingers crossed that it goes down well.”

Nick is moving back to the area in April and plans to celebrate with a ‘returning home gig’ in Spalding.

‘FingerPrints’ is available on ITunes and Amazon now.

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