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Left Lion

Nick Aslam Scraping For Change EP (Self-released) With the weather slowly but surely getting better, it’s time to start thinking about spring – and this EP is the perfect soundtrack to your flower-filled, cider-supping warm-up to summer 2016. The simplistic style of a soft and relaxing acoustic guitar riding underneath some beautifully cool vocals works whether you want some music on in the background while doing the dreaded spring clean, or listening through headphones while walking to work in the sun. A slow, chilled-out and calming feel is created from tracks such as These Streets, however, a more upbeat, toe-tapping sound can be found elsewhere, as in Welcome, proving how versatile a simplistic style can be with the right artist. The vocal range Aslam possesses just adds even more excitement to his tracks, and it’s nice to hear that Nottingham accent we all love drop in every now and again. Hannah Parker

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