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Nick Releases a Night Train.

There’s a retro ’60s rock feel to Nick Aslam’s latest single Night Train, a lively little number that will make listeners want to move. On first hearing it reminded me of The Kinks, Jimmy Hendrix and Oasis, with an undercurrent of English folk.

It begins with an instantly catchy guitar riff, heads towards a Britpop vein then builds into more of a rock sound. Nick muses about ’90s ravers and disco divas in a vocal style that is one part Liam Gallagher, one part Johnny Cash and a dash of John Lennon. It’s a rough, yet relatable, sound and there’s a hook that sticks in the mind.

The Midlands singer/songwriter has previously described his sound as “English country music built on the foundations of indie” and while country and indie influences can be heard here, there’s definitely a more rock n’ roll direction to this track. It has an upbeat energy that stops just short of being frenetic, with enough melody in Nick’s voice to keep it interesting.

Night Train should go down well with fans of Aslam and may well bring him a few new listeners. Looks like he’s got 2016 off to a solid start.

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