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Often regarded as one of the best.

Nick’s music is probably best described as a mash up of Folk, Acoustic, Country and Indie, oh, and very good, make sure to throw that into the mix. He’s a skilled songcrafter, managing to tell beautiful stories alongside those all important catchy melodies. Join that with the vocal talents of Scott, and you’ve got an Indie vocal powerhouse coming at ya. Unlike most RT gigs, you don’t have to buy the EP in advance to get in, but after their performance, we’re pretty sure you’ll be jumping on a copy!

Nick Aslam is often regarded as one of the best up-and-coming singer songwriters in the country and he brought his Rebel City Revival to the show. It is clear to see why Nick has received so much adulation recently as his voice carries through the packed room, and his band match the performance to perfection.

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